Exhibitions and Publications



1985    Collection for a King 

1987    Soane and After (at Dulwich Picture Gallery)

1987    Mr. Cartwright's Pictures 

1988    A Nest of Nightingales  

1991    Leaving Portraits from Eton College

1991    Palaces of Art 

1992    Treasures of a Polish King

1994    Art for the People 

1996    Soane and Death

1998    Art Treasures of England (Royal Academy of Art, London)

1998-9 In Celebration: the Art of the Country House  (Tate Gallery, London)

2003-4 Below Stairs (National Portrait Galleries, London and Edinburgh)

2009-10  The Artist’s Studio  (Compton Verney, Warwickshire)

2015  The Painting Room (Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury)




1982    Faces  (children's book)

1985    Collection for a King 

1987    Soane and After: The Architecture of Dulwich Picture Gallery

1988    Rich Summer of Art: A Regency Collection seen through Victorian Eyes

1988    A Nest of Nightingales                                                                                

1991    Palaces of Art: Art Galleries in Britain 1790-1990

1993   The Fine Art Approach  in D. Fleming (ed.), Social History in Museums

1994    The Gallery Catalogue in Nineteenth Century Britain in New Research in Museum Studies, 1994 volume

1994    Art for the People

1995    The London Town House as Gallery of Art  (London Journal)     

1996    Waagen in England (Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen, 1995)

1996    Soane and Death (editor and contributor)

1998    Art Treasures of England (joint editor and contributor)

1998    In Celebration: the Art of the Country House (contributor)

1998    A Victorian Salon: Paintings from the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery (contributor)

2002    The Artist’s Studio: Langlands & Bell at Petworth: introduction

2004    Below Stairs: The Servant’s Portrait  (joint editor and contributor)

2004    Opening Doors: Learning and the Historic Environment, a report for the Attingham Trust 

2006    Teniers ‘s Theatrum Pictorium: Its Genesis and its Influence in (ed.) Ernst Vegelin, David Teniers and the Theatre of Painting

2007    ‘Realms of Memory: changing perceptions of the country  house’ in (ed.) Michael Forsyth, Understanding historic building conservation

2009    (ed.) The Artist’s Studio (exhibition catalogue)

2015    The People’s Galleries:  Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain, 1800 – 1914

            (Yale University Press

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